Lisa McVey Noland stared down one of Florida’s most notorious serial killers and lived to tell the tale. But not only that. She actually credits this harrowing encounter for saving her life.

Sadly, Lisa’s childhood was incredibly horrifying and traumatic. It got so bad that Lisa actually planned to end it all. But a chance encounter with a hideous cretin showed her how much grit and determination she had left.

Let’s dive into this unbelievable story of survival. And find out how Lisa McVey Noland single handedly took down Bobby Joe Long.

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Read the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

The FBI was involved in the hunt for Bobby Joe Long. This bulletin outlines details about the hunt for the serial killer and rapist who terrorised the Tampa Bay area.

Learn more about the incredibly brave Lisa McVey Noland

Read Smoldering Embers

Lisa co-authored a book called Smoldering Embers with Joy Wellman and Susan Replogle.

I Survived a Serial Killer

Lisa shared her story on an episode of I Survived a Serial Killer titled "Tampa Terror".

Watch Believe Me

Netflix made a movie called "Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey".

Lisa McVey Noland is a hero

Lisa went on to become a deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Like many people who have survived unbelievable trauma, she wanted to help others who’d been in her shoes. Particularly survivors of child abuse, elderly abuse, and sexual violence. 

The women who had the misfortune of meeting Bobby Joe Long

Artiss “Ann” Wick
Nguen Thi Long
Michelle Simms
Linda Nuttall
Elizabeth Loudenback
Vicky Elliott
Chanel Williams
Karen Dinsfriend
Kimberly Kyle Hopps
Lisa McVey
Virginia Johnson
Kim Swann
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