Learn everything there is to know about Ned Kelly

The Public Record of Victoria partnered with Google Arts and Culture to compile this amazing, interactive resource. See stacks of original photos, Ned’s letters, police documentation, and more.

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The Cameron Letter

Ned Kelly dictated two letters to Joe Byrne, his official scribe, following the bank heist at Euroa. One copy was sent to the Superintendent of police. And the second was sent to a politician named Donald Cameron.

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The Jerilderie Letter

Ned Kelly asked the bank manager of the Bank of NSW to bring this letter to the publisher. After the bank robbery, no less. The audacity! Needless to say, the bank manager broke that promise.

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Ned Kelly's Suit of Armour

The Kelly gang wore suits of armour cobbled together from bits of metal they pinched. And moulded into shape using stolen mouldboards.

The Kelly Gang went out with a bang

Ned Kelly's Death Mask

Maximilian Kreitmayer, proprietor of the Wax Museum on Bourke Street, made a wax mould of Ned’s head which was then used to make a plaster cast. Plaster casts of criminals’ heads were used to map the terrain of the skull and determine the corresponding characteristics that led to criminality.  They were also used as a cautionary tale to would-be criminals. 

Ned Kelly at the Gallows

On the morning of November 11 1880, Ned was brought to the gallows at Old Melbourne Gaol. At 10am, Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was executed and left suspended for 30 minutes as required by law to ensure he was dead.

Joseph Byrne's Body

Joe Byrne was shot and killed during the Kelly gang’s last stand at the Glenrowan Inn. His body was transported to the Benalla Police Station where it was propped up against a door. Reporters were permitted to take photos.

The Charred Remains

At the end of the Kelly gang’s last stand at the Glenrowan Inn, police set fire to the pub to drive the remaining members outside. But Dan Kelly and Steve Hart refused to leave. Later, when the fire was extinguished, two sets of charred remains were discovered. 

The Unsung Hero of the Last Stand

A teacher named Thomas Curnow flagged down a train carrying police reinforcements with a red scarf and candle. And warned them that the Kelly gang was hiding out at the Glenrowan Inn, planning to derail and ambush all who disembarked the train.

Ned Kelly, 1873
Ned Kelly’s suit of armour
The Kelly Gang
Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
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