Journeys into the Bright World

Marcia Moore and her husband, Dr. Howard S. Alltounian, wrote a book about their pharmacological experiments with ketamine. Chapter 2 details their meet-cute, if you need a dose of serotonin in your life.

References from the Episode

Where is Mr. Roof?

The group of Facebook sleuths who helped find and identify Christopher Roof.

True Crime Bullshit

One of Christopher Roof's students, Sydney Copp, broke the case wide open after listening to an episode of True Crime Bullshit about the Stacyville John Doe. This is a follow up episode!

Without Pity: Ann Rule’s Most Dangerous Killers

Ann Rule wrote about Marcia Moore's case in her novel called Without Pity. You can find the chapter about Marcia on pages 357-385.

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