On the morning of October 16 2021, Ellie Smith awoke to find that her 4 year old daughter, Cleo, had disappeared in the middle of the night. Luckily, WA Police took the case very seriously straightaway. Kicking off an investigation that should serve as a framework for all missing persons cases.

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Source material for the case

Desperate search as four-year-old girl goes missing from Blowholes campsite at Macleod, about 50km north of Carnarvon

Cleo Smith’s mother shares crushing update after four-year-old’s disappearance in remote WA

Cleo Smith search: Mother Ellie says daughter would have not wandered from Blowholes campsite

Join Inspector Jon Munday as he gives insight into missing 4-year-old Cleo Smith’s disappearance. 

Cleo Smith search: Parents set to speak to media from Carnarvon as desperate search for daughter continues

Cleo Smith search: Missing girl’s tent unzipped at height she could not reach, says Inspector Jon Munday

$1 million reward to support police investigation into suspicious disappearance of Cleo Smith

Cleo Smith search: Police reveal the vision that could be key to solving little girl’s disappearance

Cleo Smith search: Police and family leave Blowholes campsite as land search for missing girl ends

Cleo Smith search: Police return to missing Cleo’s house to question neighbour

Cleo Smith search continues as police find CCTV believed to show sedan driving away from Blowholes

Australian Federal Police using ‘advanced capabilities’ to help find Cleo Smith

Veteran detective returning to Cleo Smith campsite as search steps up

Police search Cleo Smith’s family home for a third time but say her parents aren’t suspects

Cleo Smith’s mum and her partner targeted by sick online trolls after four-year-old went missing

Found: Missing 4 year old – Cleo SMITH

Cleo Smith rescued from house just seven minutes from family home

Cleo Smith: Missing 4-year-old found alive in Australia

How the search for missing four-year-old Cleo Smith unfolded

Cleo Smith found: Inside the WA Police Taskforce Rodia operations room

The day Carnarvon found itself at the centre of the world’s biggest story

Cleo Smith found: Forensic police scour Tonkin Crescent home where four-year-old was found

Aboriginal man wrongly named as Cleo Smith abductor plans to sue Seven Network

Cleo Smith case: Suspect Terry Kelly, 36, charged with abducting child

WA Police investigation into alleged Cleo Smith abduction continues

The search for clues continues at Carnarvon house where Cleo Smith was located

Perth Now – Cleo Smith: Forensic police pull Bratz doll from home of alleged abductor Terence Kelly

Cleo Smith found: Cameron Blaine back in Carnarvon with fresh plea for information on Terance Kelly

Cleo Smith found: Mobile phone seized as search of Terence Kelly’s house continues

See notable locations in the Cleo Smith case

I created a Google Earth project that plots out notable locations related to the case. It highlights how the Blowholes campsite is remote and isolated.

Cleo Smith has been found alive and well

Watch the Press Conference

Massive credit to the hard work and dedication of the WA Police.

Watch the Press Conference

Watch Footage of Cleo Being Rescued

The heartwarming moment WA police rescued little Cleo was captured on camera.

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Tonkin Crescent Home
Detective Cameron Blaine
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