On December 31 1983, The Brisbane Express was heading northbound through Kempsey. Suddenly the crew noticed something lying on the tracks. Realising they didn’t have enough time to brake and stop. They continued on, feeling a noticeable bump as the train collided with whatever was on the tracks. They had no idea that they’d just run over the body of Lewis ‘Buddy’ Kelly.

While the police chalked it up to a tragic accident. The Kelly family knew, deep down, that Buddy met with foul play.

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please be advised that this episode covers the death of a young Aboriginal man.

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The tragic death of a young Aboriginal man

Marching Through Kempsey

David Shoebridge (L), MP for the Greens Party, marched through Kempsey with Buddy’s family and friends. Demanding answers for the Kelly family.

Lewis 'Buddy' Kelly

Buddy was a talented tennis player. Apprentice glazier. And beloved member of the Kelly family.

Justice for Buddy

The banner that was carried on the march through Kempsey.

Was Buddy's death an accident or murder?

If you want to hear more about this case, please listen to the Background Briefing episode. Allan Clarke shares further details about the suspicious death of Lewis ‘Buddy’ Kelly.

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