The tragic death of a young Aboriginal man

On January 16 1988, a train driver was making a run from Tamworth towards Sydney. Shortly after leaving the city limits, the driver noticed something lying on the tracks. With horror, he realised it was a person.

This grim discovery kicked off a 30+ year fight to get justice. And revealed deep-seated roots of racism within the justice system.

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The Unsung Heroes

Don Craigie (L), Mark’s uncle, and David Shoebridge (R), MP for the Greens Party have been fighting to get justice.

Mark Anthony Haines

Born September 12 1970. Mysteriously died January 16 1988.

Article About the Case

One of the first articles published following the death of Mark Anthony Haines.

See notable locations in the case

I created a Google map that plots out notable locations related to the case. Including a timeline of movements and notable witness reports.

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Special thanks to Allan Clarke

Listen to Unravel: Blood on the Tracks

If you want to hear a deep dive on this case, please listen to Unravel: Blood on the Tracks. Allan clearly poured his heart and soul into the production.

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Footsteps on the Tracks

Allan Clarke wrote an excellent article for the ABC that details Mark’s case. Without Allan, this case, and many others like it, wouldn’t have the media coverage they deserve. He deserves massive credit for the hard work he’s done to get justice for so many Aboriginal families.

Do you have information that can help police with this case?

The NSW Police page

Check out the latest information about this case.

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Report Online

If you have information, please contact Crimestoppers.

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If you have information, please contact Crimestoppers.

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