The Bonnie and Clyde of the 90s

They’ve been called the Evil Lovers. The Dangerous Duo. But one thing’s for certain. Marrying either Aurore or Peter was a dangerous proposition. Both of their spouses died in tragic accidents. Leaving both Peter and Aurore with a substantial amount of insurance money.

As investigators unravelled the tangled web left behind, they realised it wasn’t an accident at all. It was murder.

This episode is dedicated to Daniel Vaughan. He is a total legend. An emoji aficionado. And a kick-ass supporter of the show on Patreon. And generally the nicest person you’d have the pleasure to meet. Thank you, Daniel!

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Aurore + Peter

Aurore + Peter

Aurore + Peter

Marc Van Beers

Marc + Aurore

Jan Van Hollebeeke

Aurore Martin

Aurore + Peter

Peter Schmitt

The Tempest

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