The downfall of Roger Rogerson

On May 26 2014, a couple of fishermen were gearing up for a big day out on the water. As they steered their boat near the shores of Shelly Beach, they spotted something floating in the water. When they drifted closer, they realised it was a body.

This horrific discovery kicked off a quick-smart police investigation. And finally confirmed the cloud of suspicion that had long surrounded disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson.

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How CCTV helped solve this crime

Keen to see the entire timeline of CCTV footage that ultimately brought Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara into custody? Check out this article by Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop and Jeanavive McGregor for the ABC. They created a chronological timeline that’s incredibly helpful. And shows the brazen and callous nature of this terrible crime.

Jamie Gao

Jamie Gao’s body

Daily Telegraph

Glen McNamara

Roger Rogerson arrest

Jamie Gao

Storage unit 803

Glen with bag

Glen + Roger at Kennards

Roger’s signed photo

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