What happened to Susan Maree Kiely?

On December 1 1989, Susan Maree Kiely watched her daughter climb on the school bus. Then Susan hitched a ride into Bellingen NSW from some friendly locals, happily telling them she was spending the day with friends. After leaving her friend’s home on Short Street, she was never seen again.

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Susan Maree Kiely

Find Susan Maree Kiely

Imagine losing your mum when you were only a child. Even worse, never knowing what happened to her. Let’s find out what happened to Susan. So her two daughters can finally get closure.

Find out more information about Susan by checking out her missing person page.

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Have information about Susan Maree Kiely's disappearance?

Call Crimestoppers

If you have information, please contact Crimestoppers by phone.

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Report Online

You can also report criminal information on the Crimestoppers website.

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Call Coffs Harbour Police

If you have information, please share what you know with police.

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Track Susan's Movements

I created a Google map that plots out notable locations related to Susan’s disappearance. Including her timeline on the day, place of residence, etc.

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Susan Maree Kiely

Are you in the Coffs Harbour area?

Help with Archival Research

If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a bit of archival research, I'd love the help. All older issues of the Coffs Harbour Advocate are at the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum. If you can find articles about "Susan Maree Kiely" and "Darrel Drabsch", please scan and email them to me. I'll create an online database.

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