Emily’s Story

Faith Hedgepeth

In this episode Emily discusses the 2012 unsolved murder of a Native American college student in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Anyone with information about Faith’s case should contact the Chapel Hill Police Department at (919) 614-6363 or Chapel Hill Crime Stoppers at (919) 942-7515 or visit the Chapel Hill Crime Stoppers website.

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Faith Hedgepeth

DNA Composite of the Suspect

Aggressive note found at scene of crime

Karena Rosario and Faith Hedgepeth

Eriq Takoy Jones

Elisha’s Story

The Claremont Serial Killer, part 1

Elisha shares part one in her series regarding the barbaric slayings committed by the Claremont Serial Killer in Perth, Western Australia in the 90s.

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Sarah Spiers

Jane Rimmer

Ciara Glennon

Sarah Spiers missing poster

Ciara Glennon missing poster

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