Emily’s Story

The Colonial Parkway Murders

Emily discusses a slew of disappearances and double murders within a four-year period along the Colonial Parkway in Virginia in the late 80’s.

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Map showing locations off the Colonial Parkway

Cathy Thomas + Rebecca Dowski

David Knobling + Robin Edwards

The James River: where David and Robin were found

David’s truck at the crime scene

Keith Call + Sandra Hailey

Keith Call’s car

Daniel Lauer + Annamaria Phelps

Fred Atwell

Elisha’s Story

The Bain Family Murders part III

Three weeks after the Bain family murders, the home at 65 Every Street was burnt to the ground. Turning any remaining evidence to ash.

If this isn’t an accurate metaphor for how the case panned out in court, I’m not here.

This week we conclude our discussion into one of New Zealand’s most haunting, notorious murder cases. The first whodunnit familicide we’ve ever encountered.

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Maps of crime scene

Floor plan of Bain family home and map of crime scene
The Bain Family Murders | Scale plan of the crime scene

Stephen’s bedroom crime scene


Laundry room crime scene

Green jumper the killer wore

David + Robin

David’s injuries

Robin crime scene

David’s bedroom crime scene

Joe Karam + expert witness at trial

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