Elisha’s Story

The Bain Family Murders part II

Every time you turn over a stone in this case, yet another family secret comes scuttling out. Years of dysfunction piled up, creating a toxic family environment that ended in tragedy. This week we explore the Bain family’s dark, desperately sad background.

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Robin and Margaret Bain

Robin, Margaret, and baby David

Arawa, David, Stephen, and Laniet

Bain family home and caravan

Margaret’s journal entries

Map of paper route

Yellow bag that David used for paper route

Emily’s Story

Carrie Culberson

Emily discusses a hometown case from 1996 involving a young woman who disappears after a neighbor witnesses her boyfriend physically attacking her in his front yard in Blanchester, Ohio.

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Carrie Culberson

Carrie and her CRX

Photos of Vincent’s abuse

Footprints in pond

Vincent Doan

 Lawrence Baker

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