Emily’s Story

Joan Robinson Hill

Emily takes us to Houston, Texas to cover the mysterious death of a wealthy socialite followed by the murder of her ex-husband in the late 1960’s-early 70’s.

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Joan Robinson Hill

Joan with her parents, Rhea and Ash Robinson

Joan Robsinson Hill and John Hill

Ann Kurth – John Hill’s mistress/ 2nd wife

Bobby Vandiver

Marcia McKittrick and Lilla Paulus

Dr. John Hill

Elisha’s Story

The Bain Family Murders Part I

On a cold winter morning, David Bain placed a panicked call to emergency services. His entire family was shot dead in their home. Did Robin Bain, a devoted teacher and deeply religious man, murder his wife and three of their children? In this episode, we dive into the crime scene and examine the evidence.

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Floor plan and crime scene map

The Bain Family

65 Every Street

Robin Bain crime scene

Murder weapon at scene

Robin Bain crime scene

.22 Winchester rifle

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