Elisha’s Story

The Tromp Family

On the morning of August 29th 2016, a successful family of five set off on a paranoia-induced, off the grid road trip. Find out how the Tromp Family caused a media frenzy and puzzled the Australian public.

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The Tromp Family

Rough maps of journey

Map with events

Silvan Tulip Farm

Mt Panorama Bathurst

Jenolan Caves

Mitchell and Ella

Emily’s Story

Mary Shotwell-Little and Diane Shields

Emily discusses the perplexing 1965 disappearance of a bank secretary and the gruesome murder of her replacement at the bank, located in downtown Atlanta, two years later.

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Mary Shotwell-Little

The only crime scene photo

Key locations

Citizens and Southern Bank

Diane Shields

Diane’s Chevy Impala at crime scene

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