Emily’s Story

The mysterious death of Will Hurley

Emily covers the case of a mysterious death of a young Navy veteran who was found in the Charles River in Boston six days after leaving a Boston Bruins game in 2009 and touches on the deaths of two other young men, also recovered from the Charles River.

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Will Hurley and Claire

Police maps of Will’s movements

Will’s GHB results

Bell in Hand Tavern

Michael Kelleher and dad

Zachary Marr

Zachary Marr CCTV

Elisha’s Story

The disappearance of Hannah Upp

Shortly before noon on September 16th 2008, crew on the Staten Island Ferry spotted something floating in the water. As the ferry drew closer, they realised it was the bobbing head of a woman.

Fully expecting to be retrieving a body, crew members were shocked to discover the very alive and very confused Hannah Upp. Who had been missing for the past 18 days.

How did Hannah end up bobbing face down in the Upper Bay? And why would she go on to disappear two more times?

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Hannah Upp

St. George and Ferry

Hannah’s rescuers

View of Upper Bay

Pendle Hill

St. Thomas

Hannah Upp

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