Elisha’s Story

The Zodiac Killer, part v

Was Ross Sullivan the Zodiac killer?

Years before the Zodiac began his reign of terror, Cheri Jo Bates was murdered outside of the Riverside City College library. After her murder, the killer sent a letter to the local papers. A letter that bears striking similarities to the Zodiac’s own letters.

Did Ross Sullivan, an RCC library employee, kill Cheri Jo in 1966? Then become the ghoul who terrorised the Bay Area?

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Cheri Jo Bates

The crime scene

The Riverside handwriting

The Riverside confession

Ross Sullivan

Zodiac letter – March 13 1971

Sketch and fingerprints from Paul Stine murder

Comparing the letters

Emily’s Story

The Hi-Fi Shop Murders

Emily takes us to Ogden, Utah to discuss the cruel torture and murders of 5 innocent hostages in the basement of an electronics shop in 1974.

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Victims of the crime

William Andrews

Dale Selby Pierre

The Hi-Fi Shop

Processing the scene

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