Emily’s Story

Martin Bryant, part I

Emily takes us to Hobart, Tasmania and kicks off her two-part series describing one of the worst mass killings in Australian history.

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Walter, Alannah, & Madeline Mikac

Port Arthur

Seascape Cottage after the fire

Forensic diagram of cafe

Martin Bryant

Elisha’s Story

The Zodiac Killer, part II

Nothing sends fear and panic racing down your spine like the unknown. That’s what makes the Zodiac one of the most terrifying serial killers of all time.

Find out how a high school teacher and his wife cracked the Z 408, leading the investigation one small step closer to discovering the identity of the Zodiac.

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First attack: December 20 1968

Second attack: July 4 1969

First Zodiac letter: announces himself

First cipher: Z 408

The Hardens solved the Z 408

Letter to SF Examiner

Third attack: Sept 27 1969

Eyewitness sketches from Lake B

Fourth attack: Oct 11 1969

Letter to SF Chronicle Oct 13 69

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