Elisha’s Story

the Zodiac Killer part I

Elisha couldn’t stop herself, she fell a Zodiac killer rabbit hole. For the next five weeks, she’ll be covering one of the most cold-blooded, elusive serial killers the world has ever seen. This episode focuses on the crimes and the victims of the Zodiac.

CONTENT WARNING: the photos below are of crime scenes and other upsetting content.

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Betty Lou Jensen’s dress

Bullet path analysis Betty Lou Jensen

Lake Herman crime scene

Betty Lou Jensen autopsy

Bullet path analysis Betty Lou Jensen

Paul Stine crime scene

Emily’s Story

The Killer Babysitter

Emily covers the case of Christine Falling, a Florida babysitter who murdered 5 innocent babies and an elderly man while in her care during the late 70s.

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Article on the case

Taken into custody

Pleading guilty

Getting fingerprinted

Christine Falling recent

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