Emily’s Story

Dana Pastori

Emily covers the heartbreaking story of a free-spirited woman who was discovered dead in a trunk after property owners cleaned out their storage room following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Dana Pastori

Dana Pastori and John Morgan

Scene of the crime

John Morgan

Discovery of the trunk

Elisha’s Story

Monika Chetty

Elisha covers the baffling, upsetting case of acid attack victim Monika Chetty. Monika survived nearly two months with chemical burns that ravaged 80% of her body. When police questioned who did this to her, she simply said, “You have to find the truth.”

Who attacked Monika Chetty?

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Monika Chetty and parents

Monika’s son, Daniel

Security footage of Monika

Police attend scene

Superintendent Adam Whyte

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