Elisha’s Story

Aqua Tofana

Have a problem with an abusive husband? Nothing a little Aqua Tofana can’t fix! Join us in 17th century Italy for a sip of the colourless, odourless poison.

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The Love Potion: Evelyn De Morgan

Manna di San Nicola di Bari

Salome w. the Head of St. John the Baptist: Gentileschi

The Violada Gamba Player: Strozzi

Piazza Navona

Emily’s Story

John List

Emily covers the case of a family annihilator in New Jersey who was on the lam for 18 years before finally being captured after his story appeared on America’s Most Wanted.

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The List Family

Frank Bender works on bust of List

Was John List plane hijacker DB Cooper?

List family home

John List bust vs. John List photo

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