Emily’s Story

Zack and Addie

In our first episode, Emily takes us to her favorite city, New Orleans, Louisiana, and discusses the Katrina Cannibal murder-suicide case she calls “Zack and Addie”.

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Addie and Zack

The gate to Zack and Addie’s place

The infamous oven

Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum

Zack and Addie hanging with a friend

Elisha’s Story

Anita Cobby

Elisha covers a very descriptive, badass-woman story of the gruesome murder of Anita Cobby in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia.

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Anita Cobby: Miss Western Suburbs

Anita’s parents, Gary and Grace, remembering their daughter

John and Anita Cobby

Anita worked as a nurse at Sydney Hospital

Gary Murphy urinated himself when he was arrested for the murder of Anita

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